Beyond visiting Acropolis

You've scaled Acropolis Hill, admired the majesty of the ancient Odeon of Herodes Atticus, and eaten your fill of gyros. The excitement doesn't stop here - there's plenty more to see and do in Athens. Well, wonder no more! Here are some things that will give you an experience beyond just sightseeing.

Visit the First Cemetery and explore its mounds and tombs.

The First Cemetery offers visitors the chance to see things that are usually hidden from the public eye. There's no better way to marvel at the things that Athenian families used to own than by exploring these crypts, which were built for wealthy Athenians of the 19th century.

The First Cemetery is the oldest of Athens's cemeteries. It was established in 1837 for families of the Greek elite of the time. It is located in the neighborhood of Mets, near plenty of cafés and shops to wander into after you're done exploring.

The tombs of some wealthy and well-known Greeks, as well as some wonderful examples of Neoclassical architecture, may be found within the cemetery. The lovely I Koimomeni (Sleeping Girl) sculpture, which lies on the tomb of Sofia Afentaki, is the cemetery's main attraction. Sofia was the daughter of a prominent family from the island of Kimolos, who died from tuberculosis in 1873 at the age of 18. Yannoulis Chalepas, the sculptor, is also buried in the cemetery.

Visit the Coastline: Walking in Piraeus is a must

One of Athens' hidden gems is its beautiful sea. It's not a popular destination. Take your time walking the beachfront in Piraeus, observing the waves kissing the sand and local youngsters playing. It's a peaceful and picturesque location, situated far from the bustle of Athens and requiring just 20 minutes on the road.

One of the things that many fail to realize about Athens is that it's just the center of the city. Beyond that, there are plenty of things to enjoy and hotels to stay at. One of these places is Piraeus, which offers an unparalleled view of the sea not found anywhere else in Greece.

If you're looking for a great restaurant, head over to Varoulko, which has earned one Michelin star for its fish dishes. The combination of olive oil and leaf-wrapped minced langoustine in the table is unique.

Many Athens daily trips and excursions start from Piraeus also!

Find the lesser-known museums of Athens.

The Acropolis Museum and the National Archaeological Museum are the undisputed superstars in terms of ancient art. However, there are many other things you can do. They are often forgotten by visitors.

Τhe Athens Numismatic Museum.It has a vast treasury of coins that goes back as far as 1400 BC. If you are not Scrooge McDuck, the name of this place might not make you happy. But it is worth a visit because there is an impressive exhibit.

The Museum of Cycladic Art is a must-see ancient art exhibition. This is because of the impressive things that are found there. It has been open since 1986 and it's been getting more people interested in ancient artifacts from different eras.

The Museum of Cycladic Art is a living cultural institution in the centre of Athens that focuses on the promotion of the ancient civilizations of the Aegean and Cyprus, with special emphasis on Cycladic art of the 3rd millennium BC.

Entrance price for Museum of Cycladic Arts is 10€. You can buy your online tickets here

The Museum has operated since 1986 to house and display the private collection of antiquities of Dolly and Nikolaos Goulandris. Since then, it has expanded significantly and today holds one of the most comprehensive private collections of Cycladic art in the world, with representative specimens of the world-famous Cycladic marble figurines.

The museum has a wide number of things to offer. It showcases a number of excavated excavations from all around Greece. There are things belonging to different periods of time, things that date back to the Cycladic era and ancient artefacts salvaged from Bronze Age Cycladic civilizations.

The Diomidous Botanical Garden is a place where you can stop and smell the roses.

The Diomidous Botanical Garden is 9 kilometers (5.6 miles) west of the city of Athens. The botanical garden is named for its contributors, Julia and Alexandros Diomidous, who donated the land. It covers 185 hectares (457 acres) of landscaping.It's a lovely place to picnic or walk. The extensive plant collections – the most magnificent in Greece – are home to over 3,000 species from all corners of the globe, and they're organized by origin. Check out the ancient plants section to learn about species mentioned in Greek mythology, such as the ‘narthex’ – the fenuguet tree (fennel), which has a big fennel stalk in which Prometheus was supposed to have hidden fire stolen from Zeus.

The best views are not from the Acropolis!

The best perspective in Athens is not to be found on the Acropolis hill, as you may think. Sure, it's beautiful, but you're missing one critical component of the Athenian skyline: the Parthenon itself! Your best chance of seeing the sunset is to climb the 277-meter-high Lycabettus Hill, which offers spectacular views. Once you've reached the top, take in the splendor of the purple sky contrasting ethereally with the colorful metropolis lights. The trek to the top is simple and pleasurable, so don't be concerned if you're not in excellent shape!

Beyond visiting the Acropolis Conclusion

Athens is a city of history and culture. There are plenty of other things to do in the birthplace of democracy besides visiting the Acropolis Hill, admiring The Odeon Herodes Atticus or eating gyros! Explore Athens' first cemetery, visit Piraeus, see Cycladic art at Diomidous Graden and climb up Lycabetus Hill for a breathtaking view that will make it worth your while. Choose one from our list below and set out on an adventure today!

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