Athens can offer travellers tons of options on things to do and what to see. Not only ancient ruins and deep historical sights but sites of modern culture and urban lifestyle. Neighbourhoods with an industrial past and technological future, some very interesting spots for modern hanging over.

The three best-rated Athens alternative tours for explorers at heart are the Athens Instagram Tour, the Athens Hispster's Private tour, and the Athens Urban Street Art tour.

Athens Instagram Tour: The Most Scenic Spots

Are you looking for a unique and Instagrammable experience in Athens? This Athens Instagram Tour will take you to the most scenic spots in town so you can snap some amazing photos. You’ll get to explore all the best places that are perfect for Instagram, and our tour guide will give you some tips on how to take great photos.

This is the perfect opportunity to get out and see Athens while learning how to take beautiful photos with your phone. You’ll be able to capture memories of this beautiful city that will last a lifetime...and explode your engagement rates!

Athens: Guided Urban Street-Art Tour

If you're looking for a unique way to explore the urban culture of Athens, our street-art tour is perfect for you! This exceptional tour takes you to see some of the best murals and graffiti in the city, as well as the work of some of Athens' most famous street artists. You'll be able to see how the street art scene has evolved in Athens over time, and get a better understanding for why this type of art is so popular here.

You will notice that some of the artists' topics are related to human rights and democracy

Athens: Hipsters' Private Guided Walking Tour

Do you love discovering new cultures and hidden spots in cities? Athens is one of the most up-and-coming cities in Europe right now. There are a ton of new, trendy places to explore that the average tourist wouldn't know about. Those guys will show you all the best places to eat, drink, and be merry – including some insider tips from young Athenians who know the city best (young artists, handicrafters etc). You'll get an authentic experience that you can only find within locals.

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2023 Update on the best "under the radar" Athens things to do

From Athens: Full-Day Rail Tour to Meteora and Hermit Caves

Embark on an amazing journey from Athens to Meteora, and explore the Hermit Caves along the way! This full-day rail tour of Meteora has something for everyone - incredible scenery, historic sites, and breathtaking monasteries. It's a can't miss experience that you won't soon forget.

Uncover the secrets of Meteora by visiting all 6 monasteries and exploring 3 active ones from within. Venture into the Hermit Caves, rarely seen by visitors, and understand more about this region's fascinating history with a guided tour led by friendly locals.

  • Duration 14 hours - 1 day
  • Check availability to see starting times.
  • Skip the ticket line
  • Live tour guide in English
  • Private or small groups

2024 Update on the best "under the radar" Athens things to do

Athens Museum of Ancient Greek Technology

Immerse yourself in a captivating exploration of ancient Greece's technological brilliance at a unique museum in Athens, showcasing over 142 operational replicas of inventions that dramatically influenced Western culture.

Discover the marvels of Greek ingenuity, from Philon's mechanical servant and Heron's early form of cinema to Ktesibios's automatic clock and the Antikythera mechanism, an ancient analogue computer.

This interactive museum not only educates visitors through its extensive collection but also engages them with dynamic exhibits, including audio-visual presentations available in both Greek and English, detailed explanatory labels, and eye-catching diagrams and animations. While the ancient Greeks are renowned for their monumental contributions to philosophy, fine arts, and science, the sophistication of their technology remains relatively unexplored.

Prepare to be astonished by an array of inventions, from antique robots and automatic alarm clocks to advanced lifting mechanisms, hinting at the presence of steam engines and even the concept of automated vehicles in antiquity. Join a diverse group of inquisitive visitors, eager to explore how ancient technologies from Greece could easily be considered ahead of their time.

Witness firsthand how these innovations paved the way for significant advancements in data calculation, vending machines, and the construction of towering structures with minimal labor. This museum is not just an educational tour; it's an inspiration, challenging our preconceptions of technological progress.

Discover the Athentic Food in Athens

Treat yourself to a delectable journey in which you can connect with the locals who craft the city's culinary narrative. As part of your feast, sample regional delicacies, try sumptuous street food and discover hidden gastronomic gems.

  • Coffee time!

    Start your day in the most enchanting way by visiting the oldest cafe in Athens and taking your morning coffee with breathtaking views of Acropolis!
  • City wakes up!

    Enjoy the early morning vibe of the city
  • Awake your tongue!

    Come explore and discover a selection of the most scrumptious flavors that Greece has to offer!
  • Be an explorer

    Discover some of the best hidden gems of the city
  • Food Market

    Mingle with the locals in the food market

Step back in time as you explore the fascinating history of one of the oldest coffee shops in Athens. The shop is full of character, providing a perfect backdrop for those Instagram-worthy shots! Enjoy a tranquil morning chatting over your cup of Greek coffee and discover everything there is to know about it. So don't forget your cameras - this place won't fail to impress!

You may have heard a great deal about morning snacks, yet this one is absolutely unique to Greek gastronomy. It's the most beloved healthy snack in Greece with an extraordinary twist. As local culinary trends continue to develop and expand, you will be ecstatic when you discover something entirely new! Although it sounds daring at first, I'm sure that once you try it, you'll find yourself completely enamored by its deliciousness!

Immerse yourself in the flavor of Greece at this interactive workshop where you'll be able to sample and learn about some of its most tantalizing products. This is also where the city's heartbeat resides, an ever-active food oasis! Here, you will discover open-air markets, coffeehouses and hidden tavernas that will allow your senses to take over; this local market reveals the finest ingredients available in town - it’s time for you to observe, smell ,and feel what makes these foods so remarkable. So come on down and socialize with natives while discovering all there is of Greek cuisine!

If you thought your experience was saturated, wait until you explore Spice Street. Here is where the finest herbs from all across Greece are gathered. On top of that, don't be taken aback if your friends inquire about a secret ingredient when dining at your home – simply because smelling these remarkable ingredients will ignite everyone's appetite! Worry not; Spice Street has it all for you to cook up a delightful feast!

It's time to uncover some of the most concealed tavernas Greece has to offer!

Feel a hint of nostalgia as these places are slowly fading away, and there are only few that remain. Sample traditional Greek mezes while you sip on wine or ouzo in a place that looks like it was taken straight out of an old-fashioned black & white movie from the sixties! This is authenticity at its finest - so don't forget to come hungry for the full experience!