Erectheion, the first multi-purpose temple?

The Erechtheion is a temple on the Acropolis of Athens. It was built in 421 BC to replace an earlier temple, which was destroyed by lightning and fire. The Erechtheion's east façade is adorned with six Ionic columns that are about 18 meters tall, while its west façade features double-loaded fluted Doric columns that are 17 meters high. This beautiful building has been preserved for centuries thanks to its stone construction and position overlooking the city below it.

The beautiful temple known as the Erechtheion, on the north side of the sacred rock of the Acropolis, was built in 421-406 BC as a replacement of an earlier Athena Polias Temple, sometimes known as "the Old temple." The name 'Erechtheion' comes from a person called Erechtheus. He was a king in Athens who was worshipped there. Other texts refer to the building as ''temple'' or ''old temple''.The building has an unusual shape because of the terrain. There is a big difference in height between the east and west parts of the building.

The building was designed to accommodate different religious groups. There are two parts of the building. One part is for Athena Polias while the other is for Poseidon-Erechtheus and has altars to Hephaistus and Voutos, who is Erechtheus' brother. This is where Athena's snake used to live. The place also has the grave of Kekrops and the traces of a dispute between Athena and Poseidon over the city of Athens.

So grey-eyed Athena spoke and went away from him across the barren and open water, left lovely Scheria and came to Marathon and to Athens of the wide ways, and entered the close-built house of Erechtheus.

Odyssey, vii, 81.

Is the Erechtheion the same as the Parthenon?

The Parthenon was dedicated to Athena, the goddess of wisdom. The western portion of the Erechtheion was built for Athena Polias (patron deity of Athens), while Poseidon-Erechtheus was worshiped in the eastern part. .The Erectheion, on the other hand, was meant to house many gods and be utilized by several cults.


Who built the Erechtheion?

The Erechtheion, designed by the architect Mnesikles, was a complex building constructed in the last twenty years of the 5th century BC.

What is so unusual about the Erechtheion compared to most Greek temples?

The temple, which was erected during the 5th century BC over the ruins of two previous temples, has an unusual design when compared to other Greek temples.It is set up to house many sects, and it is also uncommon for its location, which is in a sharp part of the Acropolis.

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